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Railcar types we use

Крытый вагон


Boxcars are used for packed finished products transportation. The most common types of packaging are big bags, euro pallets, barrels. A boxcar is equipped with a large sliding loading gate. In such a car, the cargo is protected from preticipation.


from 0 m3
to 0 m3


Gondolas carry bulk cargoes such as coal, ores, crushed stone, sand and similar materials, as well as timber, pipes, rolling products and scrap of ferrous metals.

Loading capacity:

from 0 tons
to 0 tons


Hoppers carry bulk cargo that needs protection from preticipation. Grain, powders, fertilizers, cement – all these cargoes will be spoiled by water. That’s why watertight self-unloading hopper cars are used.

Loading capacity:

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to 0 tons

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