Railway freight



in hopper wagons
and gondolas

Transportation of bulk
products such as grain,
fertilizations, coal, ore
and building materials

General cargo transportation
in packages, on pallets
and in big-bags

in boxcars

Railway transportations to Finland, Russia, Baltic countries and СIS-countries

Provided by Fintrack company

Fintrack is a freight forwarder company specializing in rail transportation of goods throughout the railway network from Finland to Mongolia. We deliver all kinds of goods in all types of rolling stock.

Our services:

  • Transit transportations
  • Export and import transportations
  • Internal transportations
Rolling stock of the Fintrack company

3 types of railcars

3 types of railcars are at your disposal:

Katetut vaunut


Volume: 120 — 158 m3

Korkealaitaiset avovaunut


Carrying capacity: 69 — 71 tons



Сarrying capacity: 65 — 70 tons

How we work?

cargo unload

Issuing an order

Starting work

Transferring cargo

Regular transportations

Single time orders

Paying the expenses

Providing additional services

Providing the rolling stock


Long-term contract

Our company

Forwarder's contract

Order to the transportation company

Your company

Destination station

Tranportation company

01 We conclude a contract

02 We process your order

03 We provide rolling stock to the loading station

04 We pay the railway tariff

05 We dispatch and supervise the transportation

Rail transportation by Fintrack

Why clients choose us?

  • Quick deliveries and a large amount of rolling stock
  • Reasonable prices
  • Quick in handling issues
  • Reliability

Growth of your transportation volumes is not a problem!

We offer you a logistic solution for any kind of transportation problems. Contact us and you will admire the quality level of our service!